Saturday, December 31, 2011

As you may have Noticed.

Modified Momma Reviews is No longer Blogging.
We are however leaving the blog reviews we have done in the past up for reference.
We found that with the new business we simply no longer have time to do blog reviews.
Thank You So Much for Joining us this past year!
~Nikki & Hurley

Monday, August 1, 2011

Meeno Babies Review

From their site:
Meeno Babies is a new baby company that strives to create innovative products for the everyday parent. Collectively, Meeno Babies possesses over 100+ years of experience in the baby industry, from design and compliance, to development and manufacturing. Meeno Babies is committed and dedicated to providing safe, reliable, quality products for the everyday parent.

To compliance and beyond!

Meeno Babies understands the importance of safety, which is why all Meeno Babies products are CPSIA compliant and have passed independent 3rd party crash testing by accredited labs on different seat models and brands to provide assurance and a peace of mind for the everyday parent. Even though crash testing was not required, we did it anyway!

My Experience:

I was sent the toddler[Car Seat] Cool Mee Seat Liner to use this summer.

It comes with the seat liner the, head rest liner and a piece of aplix to apply to your car seat so you can adjust the height of the liner. The instructions were vey easy and the liner was installed in no time. Which is a welcomed relief when compared to the amount of time, effort and aggrevation it took to install the actual car seat correctly.
As many of you readers know, living in Alaska is usually cold. However, our summers are wonderful. We peak in the summer with temperatures in the 80s. Mind you, compared to our freezing temps nearly year round, 80 degrees is an oven to an Alaskan. So when July hit and we finally had the need for the air conditioner in the car, I put the Meeno Babies liner in.
You can see the difference after one car ride. The liner literally pulled the sweat off my 18 month old. You could tell she was much more comfortable during our car rides in the hot summer days. In addition, her car seat was lacking in really great cushion, like most car seats are. By installing the Meeno Babies Car Seat Liner, I added extra cushion. And i didn't have to worry about it affecting the car seat's safety because the liner is not only CPSIA compliant but also crash tested!
So now that the Alaskan summer is ending, I will be leaving the liner in my babe's seat year round!

Meeno Babies even went a step further and designed liners to use in strollers!! Perfect for those outings to the farmer's market or the state fair where babie's can easily get hot and uncomfortable.
Check out all they have to offer by visiting their site: HERE.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

August In-Need Giveaway

Monthly Giveaways.
Modified Momma Reviews is introducing a new page on this blog. It will be devoted to a monthly giveaway for parents who would like to try cloth diapering or for parents who just can't afford the start-up.
Nikki and I both know how hard it is to start cloth diapering, financially speaking. When I first started cloth diapering, I spent 300+ dollars on just diapers. Granted, my family has saved money in the long run, we weren't necessarily able to afford it all at that point in time.

Now, because Nikki and I both love cloth diapering so much, we would like to give back. Please understand that we can't help everyone who asks. I (Hurley) will be buying these gifts out of my own pocket (unless we can get sponsors later). I ask that if you already have a significant stash of fluff, please don't enter these contests. We are primarily hoping to help out those IN NEED.

Here's how it works:
You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.
You must also be a fan of Modified Momma Reviews' Facebook.
Each month we will have the contest info on this page with a link to the post found on the main page.
Enter the contest by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.
Once the time limit has been reached Nikki or I will close the contest.
I will email the winner and they will have 24 hrs to respond before we choose an alternate winner.

August Giveaway:
Unless otherwise stated by Nikki or Hurley of MMR:
This contest will be open until August 23th, 2011 at 9pm central time. Winners will be chosen via The winners will be notified that night via email. We will allow 24hrs to respond to our email.

All entrants must abide by the rules posted above! Please ONLY enter if you are IN NEED.
Please do not forget to leave your email address.

One free diaper. I will choose brand.
[Winner chooses girl or boy themed and sizing]
Winner needs to be aware that diaper may be a slight second.

Also, we many have sponsors for this months giveaway which means more than one winner!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers EH! Review and Giveaway.

Cloth Diapers EH! Graciously offered MMR the chance to review two of their Cloth Diapers, One was their "QD" Diaper and the other was an embroidered Swim Diaper. One Unique thing about Cloth Diapers EH is that they allow you choose a custom embroidery for your diaper or swim diaper of choice. 
Here is What they have to say about the "QD":
Their Sizes:
Newborn fits 5-14 lbs
Small fits 10-20 lbs
Medium fits 15-27 lbs
Large fits 25-34 lbs
X-Large fits 34+ lbs

Bare Bum QD Diaper makes diaper changing fun and easy.  
  • trim fitting diaper so your baby will not have that bulge of excess fabric in the bum area
  • hidden snaps to protect baby's skin
  • 2 mil outer shell, micro fleece inner
  • comes with a  lay-in soaker pad which is super absorbant and dries quickly
Diapers are made with a outer layer of 2 mil PUL (polyurethane laminate) which is made to be waterproof, and are lined with a layer of soft microfleece. All diapers come with a 6 layer soaker pad.  The soaker pad consists of a layer of organic bamboo fleece, and a hidden layer of microfiber.  It is topped with a layer of microfleece, which wicks moisture away from babys skin and into the absorbant layers.

Here are some pics I took of the "QD" Diaper:

My Personal Experience:
I really enjoyed trying this diaper out simply because it is unlike any other I have used. It has the front elastic as well as the back and it has (side) snaps on the "tabs". It is an AI2 system with a lay in folding insert. The ease of use is wonderful, no stuffing required, just fold the insert and lay it inside. The insert stays in place quite well and only had minor bunching when wet. It never slid out of place. The absorbency level for this diaper is about a medium in my book, mostly due to the very narrow underside of the diaper between the legs. This is a nice feature when it comes to having a trim diaper but it did cause some issues for us when it came to ability to hold a lot of wetness directly in the heaviest area for a girl. This diaper also lacks leg gussets, which could have been a contributing factor to our leaking between the leg area since we did have gapping. I never had a poo explosion in this diaper so I can't say for sure how it would hold up to that without leg gussets. The PUL used on their "QD" Diaper is a 2mil PUL and seems to be or GREAT quality. I really love their embroidery options as well, especially their Ecofriendly ones.
We found this diaper worked best for us when paired with our babylegs and a shirt that does not snap over it (not a onsie). 

The Bare Bum Swim Diaper:
I was also given the chance to try out one of their swim diapers! I was sent an absolutely adorable light blue diaper with the i <3 my planet embroidery. I took this cute diaper to florida with us on vacation, The diapers basic design is similar to that of the "QD" only a bit slimmer and the inner material is different. The diaper has a nice mesh inner to catch and hold and poops that might occur. It did a great job doing that. It does not hold much pee though, I had Lilly on my lap and she went in it and soaked my leg, but as a poo catcher for in the pool it gets the job done with style! They even have corresponding swim suits to match their diapers for little girls, How Cute!!!
Click to see full size image

You can buy your own Bare Bums diapers from Cloth Diapers EH! here:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

itti*bitti u.s. Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway.
As many of you Cloth Diapering Momma's know, getting to try new cloth diapers and cloth diapering products is a BLAST! itti bitti graciously sent me two of their super plush minkee diapers in two styles, the bitti tutto and the bitti boo. Both of these diapers feature an amazing amount of absorbency options due to their multiple snap in soakers, the bitti tutto is their one size system and comes with 3 snap in soakers, and the bitti boo is a fitted that requires a cover it comes with two snap in soakers and the option to add more snap on boosters! We tried these diapers will all sorts of absorbency options from one two or all three soakers. I know some of you are thinking, oh sounds confusing, or hubby won't like that they are complicated, but guess what!? The snaps are color coded for ease of use!!! They literally "show you" where to snap them in at! I really enjoy both of these systems, the bitti boo is by far my favorite fitted with snap in inserts Here is some (lots) of info from their site about the bitti boo fitted diaper with snap in inserts.
bitti boo cloth diapers
Amazing absorbency with bamboo/organic cotton soaker pads, bamboo/organic cotton velour inner and outer, plus snaps to add mini boosters and make these one of the best ever itti bitti nappies!
Totally lush, super trim AND really absorbent, it’s no wonder bitti boo’s are such a favorite!
bitti boo's are designed with the signature ultra trim itti bitti fit, they are super soft and stay that way, wash after wash.
  • supreme absorbency with two itti bitti snap in bamboo boosters in the same style as our Snap In One’s with the hourglass booster also topped in silky soft bamboo velour
  • silky soft bamboo/organic cotton velour inner and outer 
  • hidden layer of organic cotton
  • snaps for mini booster, add 1-2 for super heavy wetters or to increase the absorbency for overnight
  • because they snap apart into 3 pieces, these super absorbent nappies dry fast too!
The bitti boo's require a cover/wrap for complete waterproofness.

bitti boo are sized nappies to ensure the best possible fit.

Small size to fit 8lb to 16lb
Medium size to fit 14lb to 26lb
Large size to fit 23lb to 37lb

bitti boo diapers are designed as low rise, super trim fitting diapers, so if you prefer a higher rise (often for boys), size up, not down. Often cuddly babies can fit into the size range earlier than recommended. Don’t be surprised to find that such an itti bitti diaper is in fact a fantastic fit!

bitti boo come in 5 colors!

bitti boo cherrybitti boo tangerinebitti boo yellowbitti boo limebitti boo turquoise

Here are some photos i took to show you the bitti boo in action . I was very impressed that a fitted with this amount of absorbent action could fit so nicely under baby Jeans
(yeah thats right a fitted under jeans!)

 As you can see there are no gaps in any of these photos!!! This fitted fits so wonderfully.

My son Z popped his head in this picture lol.

The jeans!!!
 Now on to the bitti tutto :)
I must say at first I was unsure which absorbency level to use with my daughter, so I tried them all out during the first few wears. I found that at this point in time she only needs one of the larger snap-ins with the small booster to keep her dry between regular changes, I use all three at night for good measure. The fit is lovely on the bitti tutto, the setting she wears it on is pretty much identical to the bitti boo medium. I have never had a leak from my itti bitti bitti tutto and the dry time is great for such an absorbent diaper!
Here is some info about the bitti tutto from their site don't forget to check out their awesome links like "how to use & washing & care instructions."

 bitti tutto logo
itti bitti are well known for changing the way you think about cloth diapers and have done it again with the brilliant new bitti tutto!
After being bombarded with requests for an itti bitti one size / birth to potty diaper, we’ve spent over a year developing the best fitting one size diaper you can get – in our humble opinion of course ;)
bitti tutto cloth diaper sizes
a diaper that grows with your child? wise choice

one size fits most from tiny newborn to small child
We’ve eliminated the bulk associated with a lot of one size options and this cleverly designed diaper, fits neat and slim from birth (8lb) right through to a 44lb child!
But we didn’t just design the best fitting one size diaper, we have solved the most common issue – the dreaded ‘pooplosion’.
The bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s our patented ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this diaper with confidence!
bitti tutto cloth diaper inner
Hip snaps help give a perfect fit at each size, for slim and cuddly babies, without bulk or wing droop.
tutto soakerEach diaper comes with three soaker pads, so you can customise the absorbency to suit your baby. PLUS bitti tutto is brilliantly economical, as you can buy extra soaker pads separately (in the original super absorbent bamboo, or quick dry microfibre) and re-use the outer shell!
With luxurious, soft and waterproof minkee fabric on the outside for babies comfort, no cover is required.
How to use a bitti tutto

bitti tutto comes in a gorgeous rainbow of 18 colors and seasonal prints!

bitti tutto redbitti tutto rockmelonbitti tutto yellowbitti tutto limebitti tutto peppermintbitti tutto jadebitti tutto turquoisebitti tutto royal-bluebitti tutto navybitti tutto purplebitti tutto lilacbitti tutto fuchsiabitti tutto bubblegumbitti tutto baby-pinkbitti tutto ivorybitti tutto silverbitti tutto midnightbitti tutto chocolate

All in all I must say I love the itti bitti diapers I have very little negatives to say about them. The only negatives I could possibly think of is that the inserts get a bit stiff when wet in the beginning but once they have been washed and worn for a while this issue goes away, the fact that it is a snap-in may deter some, but I assure you its not a bad feature at all!  It just takes a tiny bit of getting used to the style. 
You can easily explore their site at all of the links I have above and find a retailer near you or online :)