About Us

My name is Hurley, and I am a stay at home mom living in the gorgeous city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Currently I am trying to go as green as possible to save the environment [and a little cash!]. I cloth diaper, breastfeed, and practice Attachment Parenting with my daughter, Annaliese [We call her Turtle.]. I hope to build my understanding and knowledge of all things eco-friendly.
I am product review friendly!! I promise to review any product I recieve in an honest and factual manner.
Hopefully my posts of my reviews will help other moms out there who may be going through the same journey into green-living as my family is.
Below is my partner on the blog, Nikki. She will also be posting reviews and giveaways!

Hi my name is Nikki. My family and I live on the BEAUTIFUL Emerald Isle., NC. I have a Lovely Family with Four Kids, C. 8 , X. 7, Z. 5 1/2, L. 3 months. We love spending quality family time together. Lilliana is exclusively breastfed and we are CLOTH DIAPERING and LOVE it! Our family believes in being as ecofriendly as we can within reason and we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.
I am very excited to be joining Hurley, and can not wait to begin posting some awesome, photo filled reviews/giveaways of ecofriendly products. Your opinions and support will always be greatly appreciated by us.