Monday, August 1, 2011

Meeno Babies Review

From their site:
Meeno Babies is a new baby company that strives to create innovative products for the everyday parent. Collectively, Meeno Babies possesses over 100+ years of experience in the baby industry, from design and compliance, to development and manufacturing. Meeno Babies is committed and dedicated to providing safe, reliable, quality products for the everyday parent.

To compliance and beyond!

Meeno Babies understands the importance of safety, which is why all Meeno Babies products are CPSIA compliant and have passed independent 3rd party crash testing by accredited labs on different seat models and brands to provide assurance and a peace of mind for the everyday parent. Even though crash testing was not required, we did it anyway!

My Experience:

I was sent the toddler[Car Seat] Cool Mee Seat Liner to use this summer.

It comes with the seat liner the, head rest liner and a piece of aplix to apply to your car seat so you can adjust the height of the liner. The instructions were vey easy and the liner was installed in no time. Which is a welcomed relief when compared to the amount of time, effort and aggrevation it took to install the actual car seat correctly.
As many of you readers know, living in Alaska is usually cold. However, our summers are wonderful. We peak in the summer with temperatures in the 80s. Mind you, compared to our freezing temps nearly year round, 80 degrees is an oven to an Alaskan. So when July hit and we finally had the need for the air conditioner in the car, I put the Meeno Babies liner in.
You can see the difference after one car ride. The liner literally pulled the sweat off my 18 month old. You could tell she was much more comfortable during our car rides in the hot summer days. In addition, her car seat was lacking in really great cushion, like most car seats are. By installing the Meeno Babies Car Seat Liner, I added extra cushion. And i didn't have to worry about it affecting the car seat's safety because the liner is not only CPSIA compliant but also crash tested!
So now that the Alaskan summer is ending, I will be leaving the liner in my babe's seat year round!

Meeno Babies even went a step further and designed liners to use in strollers!! Perfect for those outings to the farmer's market or the state fair where babie's can easily get hot and uncomfortable.
Check out all they have to offer by visiting their site: HERE.