Monthly Giveaway.

Monthly Giveaways.
Modified Momma Reviews is introducing a new page on this blog. It will be devoted to a monthly giveaway for parents who would like to try cloth diapering or for parents who just can't afford the start-up.
Nikki and I both know how hard it is to start cloth diapering, financially speaking. When I first started cloth diapering, I spent 300+ dollars on just diapers. Granted, my family has saved money in the long run, we weren't necessarily able to afford it all at that point in time.

Now, because Nikki and I both love cloth diapering so much, we would like to give back. Please understand that we can't help everyone who asks. I (Hurley) will be buying these gifts out of my own pocket (unless we can get sponsors later). I ask that if you already have a significant stash of fluff, please don't enter these contests. We are primarily hoping to help out those IN NEED.

Here's how it works:
You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.
You must also be a fan of Modified Momma Reviews' Facebook.
Each month we will have the contest info on this page with a link to the post found on the main page.
Enter the contest with ONE COMMENT under the post.
Once the time limit has been reached Nikki or I will close the contest.
 I will email the winner and they will have 24 hrs to respond before we choose an alternate winner.

April Giveaway:
Unless otherwise stated by Nikki or Hurley of MMR:
This contest will be open until April 20th, 2011 at 9pm central time. The winner will be chosen by and notified that night via email. We will allow 24hrs to respond to our email.

All entrants must abide by the rules posted above! Please ONLY enter if you are IN NEED.

One free diaper. I will choose brand.
[Winner chooses girl or boy themed and sizing]
Winner needs to be aware that diaper may be a slight second.

To enter:
Go to this page and fill out the form to enter to win this prize.

Previous Winners:
January 2011: Anne Perry
February 2011: Shannon and Jennifer
March 2011: Samantha and Nikki
April 2011: