Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mama Bird - Fleece Soaker Review

About Mama Bird:
Mama Bird was started by woman named Monica,  mother of four and avid cloth diapering enthusiast. She began making her fleece creations earlier this year. Her Facebook fan page has quickly gained fans [currently nearing the 900 mark!], no doubt due to an interest in her unique projects.

Hurley's Experience:
As a fellow cloth diapering products maker, I know how important it is to write a thorough review of products that come so close to your babies skin. I find that a lot of blogs write responses of diapering products on initial thoughts and experience. However, I think how a diaper [or soaker in this case] holds up to extended wear and tear is an important aspect for readers to see.
For the soaker that Monica from Mama Bird sent me, I was able to get a full months use out of it before writing. She wore it at least twice a week and it was washed at least twice a week in that time frame.
Here's a photo of Turtle wearing it the first time:
My first impression of the soaker was that is was so soft and clearly well made. After prepping and putting it on Turtle I did notice it was tad bit tight around the legs, but otherwise it fit wonderfully. I need to stress one fact to parents who plan on ordering fleece soakers: Make sure you measure your child before ordering. It probably wouldn't hurt to double check your measurements too. Its a common issue with diaper covers that are a fixed size to have them be too small or too big upon arrival.
The best way you can measure your child is while they are wearing a fitted diaper. Obviously, the fleece soaker would have to be large enough to fit over it. =]
Over the span of time I tested this soaker, we used it at all different times of the day. It held up to my heavy wetter without fail. Even overnight it held in the moisture. Considering my daughter typically sleeps for about 9-12hrs per night, I'd say this soaker earned my seal of approval.

When it came time to do diaper laundry, the fleece soaker would be amongst all of Turtle's other diapers. My wash routine consists of one cold wash without detergent, one hot wash with a small amount of cloth diaper friendly detergent, and one more cold cycle without detergent [which acts as a double rinse]. I always hang dry everything diapering related.

After a month of use, the Mama Bird fleece soaker has withstood all of my abuse and the only side effect was the slight piling of the surface. Piling is a common trait with all fleece.

Check out all her awesome fleece prints and other creations by visiting her Hyenacart shop HERE.

Monica from Mama Bird would like to give one of our fans a custom standard soaker (non-applique), from a print or solid colors, boy or girl!

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