Monday, May 2, 2011

North American Bear CO.,INC. Review.

North American Bear company kindly offered MMR the opportunity to review a few of their wonderful stuffed friends. We were sent a beautiful "Everyday Friends of the Earth doll with Brunette hair." This little doll stole my heart as soon as she arrived, She is made from organic cotton jersey knit body with silk-screened face and recycled fleece hair and stuffing ,and she is wearing a cotton dress. I LOVE that she is eco-friendly!!! She is so super soft. My daughter Lilly(7.5months) absolutely LOVES this doll and choses her over most of her other toys, even the noisy ones. We take her with us when we go out because when Lilly gets sleepy and fussy she will snuggle her. The quality of this doll is wonderful, at first I was scared about the hair(fabric) on the doll thinking my daughter would rip it off but she hasn't yet and I too gave it a good tug for good measure, it didn't budge. Here is Lilly snuggling her doll and sleeping in the van waiting for brothers practice to end. 

The other products that North American Bear Co. sent were three of their Monsters from their awesome My Own Monster Collection! We were sent, Claws, Yucky, and Crazy Eyes, They were perfect for my silly boys! Each one reminded me of one of my kiddos! They are so super plush and soft, the boys love them as pillows as well as friends to play with.

Each of the monsters has their very own personality, you can even Make Your Own Monster on their site!

From My experience North American Bear Co. has lovely high quality stuffed toys for your children! I wish I had stuffed friends this nice when I was a kid! They also sell other play items like, Toys to Go, Dress-Up, and tons of other stuffed play things! Go check them out today!!!

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