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Cloth Diapers EH! Review and Giveaway.

Cloth Diapers EH! Graciously offered MMR the chance to review two of their Cloth Diapers, One was their "QD" Diaper and the other was an embroidered Swim Diaper. One Unique thing about Cloth Diapers EH is that they allow you choose a custom embroidery for your diaper or swim diaper of choice. 
Here is What they have to say about the "QD":
Their Sizes:
Newborn fits 5-14 lbs
Small fits 10-20 lbs
Medium fits 15-27 lbs
Large fits 25-34 lbs
X-Large fits 34+ lbs

Bare Bum QD Diaper makes diaper changing fun and easy.  
  • trim fitting diaper so your baby will not have that bulge of excess fabric in the bum area
  • hidden snaps to protect baby's skin
  • 2 mil outer shell, micro fleece inner
  • comes with a  lay-in soaker pad which is super absorbant and dries quickly
Diapers are made with a outer layer of 2 mil PUL (polyurethane laminate) which is made to be waterproof, and are lined with a layer of soft microfleece. All diapers come with a 6 layer soaker pad.  The soaker pad consists of a layer of organic bamboo fleece, and a hidden layer of microfiber.  It is topped with a layer of microfleece, which wicks moisture away from babys skin and into the absorbant layers.

Here are some pics I took of the "QD" Diaper:

My Personal Experience:
I really enjoyed trying this diaper out simply because it is unlike any other I have used. It has the front elastic as well as the back and it has (side) snaps on the "tabs". It is an AI2 system with a lay in folding insert. The ease of use is wonderful, no stuffing required, just fold the insert and lay it inside. The insert stays in place quite well and only had minor bunching when wet. It never slid out of place. The absorbency level for this diaper is about a medium in my book, mostly due to the very narrow underside of the diaper between the legs. This is a nice feature when it comes to having a trim diaper but it did cause some issues for us when it came to ability to hold a lot of wetness directly in the heaviest area for a girl. This diaper also lacks leg gussets, which could have been a contributing factor to our leaking between the leg area since we did have gapping. I never had a poo explosion in this diaper so I can't say for sure how it would hold up to that without leg gussets. The PUL used on their "QD" Diaper is a 2mil PUL and seems to be or GREAT quality. I really love their embroidery options as well, especially their Ecofriendly ones.
We found this diaper worked best for us when paired with our babylegs and a shirt that does not snap over it (not a onsie). 

The Bare Bum Swim Diaper:
I was also given the chance to try out one of their swim diapers! I was sent an absolutely adorable light blue diaper with the i <3 my planet embroidery. I took this cute diaper to florida with us on vacation, The diapers basic design is similar to that of the "QD" only a bit slimmer and the inner material is different. The diaper has a nice mesh inner to catch and hold and poops that might occur. It did a great job doing that. It does not hold much pee though, I had Lilly on my lap and she went in it and soaked my leg, but as a poo catcher for in the pool it gets the job done with style! They even have corresponding swim suits to match their diapers for little girls, How Cute!!!
Click to see full size image

You can buy your own Bare Bums diapers from Cloth Diapers EH! here:

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