Monday, March 28, 2011

Babybumz Ouch~ee Spray Review & Giveaway!

Babybumz Natural Skincare for Babies and Moms allowed me to review one of her Brand New products, "Ouch-EE is a natural, organic, preservative free solution that is used to clean & aid in healing cuts, scrapes, burnes, bug bites, blisters and owee's that always find your little ones. A NO sting witch hazel based solution packed full of ingredients that will help to stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, fight off bacteria & infection all while cleaning the wound. 

Ouch-EE comes in a 2 oz spray bottle that is perfect for your medicine cabinet or your diaper bag, for $6.95." You can buy some HERE!!!

We recently took a vacation to Florida with all four kiddos, if there is one thing three boys know how to do on vacation its be rowdy! I took my Ouch~ee spray along with me in my purse along with some bandaids for just in case. Boy was I glad I brought it! Before we even made it to florida we had two! owee's that needed tending to, I told the boys it was "MAGIC BOOBOO MEDICINE" that would make their little scrapes stop hurting right away! The mellow dramatic kiddos instantly stopped whining as soon as I spritzed them haha, works for them and works for me! They didn't care for the smell of the spray but still insisted that I spray it on every little bump they got. They still think it's "MAGIC BOOBOO MEDICINE", haha. Another use we found for Ouch~ee was putting it on my Stepsons fingernails to keep him from biting them, he was a horrible nail biter to the point of making them bleed!!! After only three days of applying Ouch~ee his fingers made a drastic improvement!!! He also wouldn't bite them because "it tastes gross." I need to send a bottle of Ouch~ee home with his mother so she can apply it there too! It works wonders and isn't harmful!

Babybumz carries other awesome natural skincare products on her site store as well!
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