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Nurtured Family, HAVA Organic Cotton Sling Review and Giveaway!!!

Organic Baby Sling Review and Giveaway
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Modified Momma Creations was given the opportunity to review a wonderful organic cotton HAVA ring sling. Nurtured Family will also be offering our readers a chance to WIN a corresponding sling!!! 
About the HAVA Organic Sling :
The 100% organic cotton HAVA baby sling is the result of 9 years of babywearing and two years of brainstorming on how to design a sling that is not only stylish and comfortable, but also conforms to the desires of many mothers to have a sleek and lightweight sling.
  • Made with 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Made with 2.5 inch aluminum rings
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Zippered pocket in the tail
  • Very lightweight rail padding
  • Padded rails can be pulled through the rings for greater adjustability
  • Decorative ribbon on the tail
  • Small, contoured shoulder pad
  • Beautifully pleated and gathered around the rings
  • Comes with the an instructional DVD
  • Packaged in a cute zippered bag with rope handle
 About Nurtured Family:
Nurtured Family is a super nice online boutique as well as an actual brick and mortar boutique in Houston, Texas They offer many selections for your baby needs and tons of eco friendly products. I absolutely adore their online sore they carry a million things I would love to have for "L". they also have some super cute tickers available on their site. Check this one out!
Maya Wrap Baby Slings at Nurtured Family
As a mother of 4 I know first hand how important it is to keep your baby close by, safe, comfortable, and happy. In my opinion a sling or wrap is a staple in any attachment parenting lifestyle. Slings offer the parent the ability to cuddle close and still keep their hands free to do all of those daily tasks that need both hands. I love using my sling in the grocery store, out for walks, on the beach, at the park, around the house, pretty much everywhere!!! I love that I can nurse discreetly out in public since it seems that any time I'm out for a meal "L" wants to nurse right then and there! My sling has saved me hours of sleep when I think about all of the things I was able to do during the day instead of having to stay up later at night after the baby was asleep to accomplish them. The HAVA Organic sling is super soft, easy to wash and easy to wear, It even comes with a super neat-o instructional DVD for people like me who refuse to read instructions, haha. The sling is so easy to adjust, the thinner padded rails are awesome, comfortable but not bulky at all. The shoulder pad is so nice and comfy and doesn't shift around. This sling forms nicely around my baby, and makes me feel that she is safe and secure. She likes to chew on the top rail of the sling. I'm totally fine with that because it is made out of 100% organic cotton, except the rings which are aluminum.It comes in sizes x-petite-x-long they have an easy to use size chart. My sling is a Regular, and has plenty of room to adjust, I could have stood a size smaller because of my height but I ordered by weight. It fits nicely.
My top 10 Reasons why you should own a HAVA Organic Sling:
  1. It's made from organic cotton and safe for baby.
  2. Have you ever tried fitting a stroller through a small aisle in a shoppe? 
  3. This sling fits nicely in your diaper bag, no more carrying the baby carrier.
  4. Keeps baby snuggled close, safe, and warm.
  5. Breastfeed discreetly in public.
  6. Keeps the elements off of baby when tucked inside.
  7. It looks super cute.
  8. It gives the baby more bonding time with the wearer. 
  9. Super easy to wash.
  10. The easiest baby carrier to use in my opinion.
If you would like more of my opinions on the HAVA organic sling email me at I will be glad let you know anything you are wondering about, as long as I know the answer :).
You can buy yours "HERE"

Or WIN one by filling out this easy "FORM"!

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