Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful World of Wool Event: Day 1 -closed

Wonderful World of Wool Event
Day 1

Yay, it's finally here! Nikki and I have been planning this for a couple months now and I love it when our plans come together to create something awesome. This is actually the first time we have had an event like this. For our first day we have scheduled a guest writer to come on to the blog and write an introduction to the use of wool. If you aren't familiar with using wool while diapering your babes, this is sure to shed some light on the confusing aspects.
I hope that this event proves to be informative and fun for all who participate!

And now our guest writer: Steph from the HyenaCart shop, Bumby. You can also visit her Facebook for Bumby here.

Why Wool
Wool cloth diaper covers? But isn’t wool scratchy and uncomfortable? All those hats my grandma used to make me wear always made me so itchy. I am allergic to wool and so are my kids. Sound familiar?
Well that are lots of different types of wool out there, and there is a huge difference.
Most wool diaper covers are made with the softest of wool breeds, which is Merino. Most people think they are allergic to wool, when in fact they are just allergic to the chemicals that are used to process
the wool, or the wool was too course. Wool diaper covers are usually super soft, and are not processed with harsh chemicals.
Some of the reasons people use wool for diaper covers are:

~Wool is antibacterial, it neutralizes the urine and self-cleans by air drying
~The right kind of wool is extremely soft and squishy, wonderful against delicate baby’s skin
~Wool is breathable and temperature regulating, with reduces diaper and heat rashes.
~Wool repels liquids, and then will start absorbing. A diaper has to be very saturated before
leaks occur. A great night time solution
~Wool is naturally occurring and renewable.

Different types if wool diaper covers
There are a few different types of diaper covers out there.

~Hand knitted or crocheted covers are made from wool yarn. Sometimes they are made to fit,
and sometimes they are made larger then felted down to a smaller size to give some additional
protection by having a tighter knit.
~Interlock covers are made with wool fabric that is sewn together.
~Longies are wool pants that are used as a cover
~Shorties are simply wool shorts
~Soakers are almost like underwear used as a cover
~Skirties are soakers with a skirt attached. The skirt is usually wool as well
~Recycled woolies are made from old sweaters that have been felted and sewn together
There are a few other items out there too but those are the main ones

How to care for wool
Most textiles made with wool need to be handled with care. Heat and agitation cause wool fibers to felt. Felting is when the wool fibres mesh together and lock into place. The process of felting is what makes wool such a wonderful diaper cover though. Felted wool allows for a waterproof barrier that is hard to beat.
Generally if the wool is hand knitted or crocheted it needs to be gently hand washed and laid flat to dry. If it is interlock with lycra in it, it can usually be machine washed on gentle and even machine dried. Lanolizing is when lanolin is applied to the wool. This can be done by using a lanolin wool wash, or by applying lanolin such as nipple cream. There are a lot of tutorials out there about how to lanolize your wool diaper covers, do find one that makes sense to you.
There are a lot of WAHM’s that make diaper covers. Find one that has good revues that you like their customer service and pictures. Get one or two and see how it goes. Ask lots of questions to make sure you are getting what you need. Most of us will send out samples of the wool so you can feel it if you want as well. And most importantly, have fun shopping.

Following her awesome article, Steph has graciously offered a custom wool soaker to one of our readers!!

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