Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Bond Nursing Cover Review.

I recently received a BabyBond nursing cover for review. To be honest, I was never that shy about nursing in public. I would just pop a boob out and go with it. I've always viewed breastfeeding as a beautiful thing. However, there are times in which it would be great to be discreet, like when your dad comes to visit, or your husbands guy friends! This is where the BabyBond nursing cover swoops in and saves the day! Here's what I received:
The first time I used my BB cover was at a party at my husband's friend's house. It was full of mixed company and I was unsure how everyone would react to me breastfeeding. So I pulled out the conveniently rolled up cover from my backpack/diaper bag and wrapped it around me. It was actually very effective. One of my husbands friends stopped by and was talking to me for several mintues and never even noticed I was breastfeeding. He later said he thought my daughter was just sleeping against me!

The BabyBond cover I used was a 'Couture' style, this style actually can be wrapped two ways. Over your shirt or underneath your shirt and can used as a belly band! This makes it convenient for nearly any clothing choice!
Action shots!:

Go check out BabyBond for yourself! They have 3 different styles, surely one to fit any momma!

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