Monday, February 21, 2011

Rockin' Green Review and Giveaway

ROCKin GREEN Kindly Sent both of us some samples to try out their Cloth Diaper & Laundry Detergent.

Nikki's Experience:
I have extremely hard water here on the Island so I asked for Hard Rock samples, I was sent Rage Against The Raspberry, Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, and  Lavender Mint Revival samples. I typically do a quick soak with my diapers before each wash due to my hard water, but sometimes Daddy forgets the routine so I had a few diapers that weren't smelling so fresh after he did some diaper laundry. I made sure those made it into the machine when I "Rocked a Soak!" I followed the directions for soaking on the back of the sample pack with great success. I could literally see the "funk" in the water, I was bummed that my diapers had that much residue and was happy to see it was now off of them!

 Once I was done "Rockin a Soak" I finished washing up the diapers with an extra rinse cycle and hung them out to dry.

We live in a condo, Here's my set up. My inserts get dried in the dryer. I hang all my PUL. I do dry my AIO's in the dryer occasionally when its raining out because they take way to long to dry indoors.

All in all I really enjoyed my Rockin Green experience. My diapers came out very clean and fresh. No funky buildup, or repellent issues at all. I like their light fragrances and their eco friendly formula. I will admit that I do still need to use my oxygen brightener with the Rockin Green if I want my inserts and diapers to stay extra white. Rockin Green provides a nice Eco Friendly product that is great for cloth diapers.

Hurley's Experience:
My experience was much like Nikki's, I too noticed a lot of "funk" in my initial soak of my dipes.
I was sent two samples of Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, and one sample of Motley Clean. The Mighty Mighty Marshmallow was my favorite scent! It was subtle and yet wonderful.
I used RnG as our primary cloth diaper detergent for 2months! We have had little to no issue with cleaning our dipes. Our water is pretty hard where we live so I do have to do the diaper stripping chore every few weeks. Since using the RnG, I've actually only had to strip diapers once in the 2month period! The Hard Rock formula works really well with the hard water here.
I love RnG and will continue to use it as my primary cloth diaper detergent.

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