Monday, February 28, 2011

Original Sprout Review

About Original Sprout: 
Original Sprout was founded in 2007 by Inga Tritt. Parents trust "Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients. Cancer & early puberty can be linked to hormone disruption, hence no natural or synthetic hormone disrupters such as soy, yam, tea tree, lavender, parabens, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde or nano-particles are used in their formulas. In addition products are free of insect attracting honey or soda fragrances. Each product is made specifically without estrogen disrupting or contaminated ingredients. Certified green & clean fragrances are standard for added health benefits. Always healthy, always beautiful with Original Sprout." Original Sprout is a proud supporter of PETA and is strongly against animal testing or harming animals to create their products. Original Sprout is also very environmentally responsible, they use many measures to cut back on waste and their carbon footprint.Original Sprout has an extensive product line including products like, Shampoo, Conditioners, Lotion, Hair Gel, Hair Balm, Sunblock, Babywash, Cradle Cap Care, Detangler, and other 100%Vegan Body & Haircare products.
                                      Original Sprout sent us three of their products to review. 
The Miracle Detangler, Natural Shampoo, & Scrumptious Baby Cream. 
I now personally only use organic body care items on my daughter due to her sensitive skin. 
Here is why, I noticed when my daughter was about a month old she had dry patches all over the trunk of her body, I tried many store bought lotions, from Johnsons to Lubriderm to Eucerin, nothing seemed to help and most left her greasy.  I was informed by my child's pediatrician that she had eczema, once I received that news I discontinued use of all of those products and began using only Original Sprout Products on her skin and hair. Within a week her dry patches were completely GONE! I came to the conclusion that the harmful chemicals and additives in those store bought lotions and soaps were causing the problems with my baby's skin. I felt awful for not noticing the cause sooner, so many of us assume that because a product is labeled a "baby" item it is automatically safe and pure, this is so very untrue and that is why I am personally grateful for companies like Original Sprout that offer TRUELY SAFE products for our infants and children to use.
Lilly Loves her bathtime and the Original sprout products leave her so soft and smooth. I love the Detangler it helps keep her curls under control for quite some time and smooths down all of her "fly aways". It also has a wonderful scent that everyone really seems to love. I get many compliments about how good she smells!
Original Sprout Products are a wonderful addition to my little ones bathing routine.
You can buy them "HERE"

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