Monday, February 21, 2011

Mother Earth Natural Products Review

About Mother Earth, From Her Website:  
"Mother Earth Natural Products are formulated without preservatives, perfumes, dyes or any synthetic ingredients. They use only the finest organically grown and wildcrafted herbs from their Vancouver Island acreage, based in 100% food grade sunflower and extra virgin olive oils. They feel it is very important to use a Petroleum-Free body care product that protects ourselves, our families and our animals from the danger of petro-chemical absorption.
The line of Mother Earth Products began in 1993 when a young herbalist 'mom to be' realized there was nothing Petroleum-Free on the market for babies' bottoms. Concerned with the danger of absorbing petro-chemicals with the many daily applications of a diaper rash ointment, she invented her own formula using wild plants and herbs from her garden."

 Mother Earth kindly sent me several of her products to test and review, I was sent:
Baby Bottom Better Diapering SalveBaby Bottom Better, I use this on L at the first sign of any rash or irritation, I have also applied it to her dry skin at times. It works wonders! She has not had a rash since I began using this product. I also haven't noticed any adverse effects on my precious cloth diapers! Use a liner at your own discretion. It is a very thick & firm salve/balm and goes on lightly a very thin coating works fine, it isn't greasy and has a light herbal scent.
Belly Blossom for Moms to beBelly Blossom, I gave this one to my pregnant co-worker. She applies it a couple times each day  She really enjoys the Calendula, Chamomile, and Rose scents and finds the salve very soothing to her itchy baby filled belly. I wish I would have been able to try this while I was expecting L. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it as much as she does.     
Herbal Healer healing salve for skin irritations                                                                                                            Herbal Healer, This was our life saver when it came to L's eczema. We also really loved this product on our chapped noses during cold season. Just a thin coating of Herbal Healer goes a very long way. My boys have used it on a few scrapes recently as well. I also applied it to a blister I got from some new shoes. This product has many uses and is a new favorite in my home.

Rosemary respiratory decongestant rub Rosemary Respiratory Rub, I can not express how much I love this salve! L had a cold at only 4 months old, we were so worried about her and wanted to do everything we could to make her feel better. I felt safe applying this product to my young baby knowing that the ingredients were so natural and safe. It really helped clear up her breathing and smells much better than other vapor rubs.
Companion Care herbal healer for petsI was also sent companion care, We applied it to our dogs "Hot Spots" on her rump, we noticed less scratching and chewing from her but she did try to lick it off.
 Mother Earth provides other natural products for both human and animal use. Check out her page if you are interested in Natural PETROLEUM-FREE free products for your family. I know my family really enjoys Mother Earth products and I hope yours will too!


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