Monday, February 7, 2011

Mom, Dad, and Baby Review

Mom, Dad, and Baby kindly offered Hurley and I the chance to review two of their products, The Mommy Hook, and their bath time book. I reviewed the Hook and Hurley reviewed the Book!                           Mom, Dad, and Baby offers a few innovative products at retailers all over. "Mom, Dad, and Baby's mission is to create products that offer fun, safety, convenience, and value. The company is the brainchild of president and founder David Abels."

Hurley's Experience:
At first glance I knew the "Baby Bath Book" was going to be a fun addition to our bath time routine. My daughter was so excited to play with it that she carried it around the house all day until bath time!
Sometimes, while trying to bathe toddlers, it becomes a little difficult to get them clean when they want to climb all over the place. Having distractions is the easiest cure for that. Some bath toys hold interest more than others, but the Baby Bath Book holds a particular interest for my babe. She likes it best when she turns the pages and I read while I'm washing her off. As long as we have that book, we can make it through bath time a little easier.
I think she especially enjoys the book because of her love for stuffed animals. And every turn of the page results in more of them!
After using the book with bath time nearly everyday, the Baby Bath Book is still in excellent condition. Normally bath books tear easily or get a hole in the plastic creating a place for mold to grow. I know that this book with withstand many, many more bath times and possibly be passed down to our next baby.

Nikki's Experience:
When "The Mommy Hook" arrived I was first skeptical, not about the product, but about my ability to remember to use it! Being a busy mother of 4 I figured I would never remember to bring it along, then
I realized "Oh yeah its a hook", haha, I hooked it onto my purse/diaper bag and now I remember to bring it everywhere! I have used "The Mommy Hook" to keep my purse secured to the shopping cart or stroller. I also really enjoy it on grocery day since our condo is on the second floor. I can easily put 5 reusable shopping bags on the hook and haul them all at once while carrying the baby in her seat with my other arm. I really like using "The Mommy Hook" and get many compliments about it in the grocery store. I also use it to hang my purse up once I get home. I'm sure I will find many other uses for my Mommy Hook.
You can buy one Here.

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