Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TruKid All Natural Skincare For Kids Review and Giveaway!

TrueKid products are the creation of Jennifer Adams Bunkers, CEO of TruKid. Her goal and drive for creating these products was to provide children a natural and safe alternative to common skincare products and to teach healthy habits from the start in a fun and natural way! I'm going to leave a link here to a very informative page they have that is titled "Scary Facts" I think everyone should read this...(Go Now!!!)

I was graciously sent the collection pictured above! My Boys were thrilled to say the least. You would have thought it was Christmas the way the were checking out and reading each bottle to see what they were going to try first. My 6yr old was the first to notice TruKid's unique colors and symbols that help younger children know what the product they are using and where it goes. I really like their system. Check it out!!!


Apply with a parents help
For your body
For your face
For your hair

Bottle Colors

Nourishing Moisturizing
Sun Protection


Body Care
Hair Care
Sun Care
Our Heroes
We took some pictures of our own to show you what the symbols look like on the bottles. Isn't that so Cute!
Now for the really good part! MY BOYS ASKED TO TAKE A BATH!!! So of course I agreed! I threw some swim trunks on them and documented the unheard of event! They were so excited to try all the new products. 
First they washed their hair, I really like the lather of the Silly Shampoo, just bubbly enough,  it rinses out well, and gets their hair very clean without drying it out. 

Then we tried out the Cool Conditioner, it rinsed out well and didn't leave a heavy residue at all, just hair that is silky and soft!
Both the shampoo and conditioner have lovely light sweet citrus scent. I love that they smells so fresh fruity and clean!

 Next up was the Bubbly Body Wash. I suggest using a loofah to get the full Bubbly effect. We used wash cloths the first time but I soon after went and got them their very own loofahs to enjoy.The Bubbly Body wash shares that same great scent!
I believe it is the essential oils?!

After their bath they applied the Happy Face & Body Lotion all over. Both boys liked how soft their skin felt. My oldest son mentioned that his skin normally "feels tight and itchy after a bath, but not this time." They were smelling good and all nice and smooth :).

The next morning after we woke up the boy's eagerly asked to use their new Friendly Face Wash. I explained to them the importance of having clean hands before you wash so we went into the bathroom and washed our hands with TruKid Helping Hand Wash, then they washed their faces with Friendly Face Wash. They liked it
 a lot, now they just have to learn to not get it all in their hair when washing their face. We also used the Dancing hair Detangler that morning. Even though the boys have short hair it smoothed out their bed head nicely.

I love using TruKid products on my children. Knowing that just by using these awesome products I am keeping harmful toxins away from my kids gives me a great feeling.These products have been exactly what my kids needed to give them the motivation to practice their Healthy Habits more frequently, and by choice! We will be using our TruKid Sunny Days SPF products on our trip to Florida next month!!!

TruKid is Kindly offering our readers a chance to win a Hair Care Set from them including, Silly Shampoo, Dancing Detangler, and Cool Conditioner!!! To enter simply fill out the easy entry form!
Entrants must complete the mandatory entries to be considered in this giveaway. All entrants must fill out the entry form below. The winner will be chosen via Random.org. We do check the entries! Any entry that is found to be false (IE. lying in the form) will be removed. The winner will be notified via email and has 24hrs to respond to the email before another winner is chosen. This giveaway will be open until [02/22/11] at 9:00pm Central Time, unless otherwise stated by Hurley or Nikki of MMR.
Helpful Links:
                     Trukid's Page: http://www.trukid.com/index.asp?page=healthy-science


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