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Lafe's Organic Skincare Products

About Lafe's
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Making healthy choices in today's all-things-synthetic world can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor. Lafe Larson, founder of Lafe's Natural Bodycare, understands that people want products they can trust to be truly natural and genuinely healthy.
Most of all, Lafe believes that individuals seek a sense of self empowerment that comes from taking charge of their lives, their bodies and their health. Lafe's mission is to educate consumers about healthy alternatives to conventional synthetic, chemical-based products. With the belief that Mother Nature provides most everything we need, Lafe uses natural and organic, paraben and PG-free ingredients - direct from the earth.
Throughout his many endeavors, Lafe remains steadfast in his commitment to giving back to the world community. Today, through his 1% Project, Lafe donates one percent of his company's profits to support breast cancer prevention and environmental awareness.

Hurley's Experience:
We received the Organic Baby Gift Pack that included four items, the foaming baby bodywash/shampoo, unscented baby lotion, unscented massage oil and gentle non citron outdoor spray [bug repellent].
The first item we used was the Foaming Baby Bodywash/Shampoo. Talk about easy to use! You just pump the foam in hand and message into the baby's hair. My daughter, A. liked it so much that she tried to help by rubbing the shampoo into the hair on the back of her head. I like that the shampoo is organic and its ingredients are easily read off the label. The foaming baby shampoo/bodywash is made out of:
The bottle is made from babysafe plastic which means it won't leach chemicals into the product [that would eventually be put on your baby's skin]
I've noticed after using this on my daughter for about 2weeks now, her hair and skin are noticeably softer. I'm sure the lotion helped though.
The unscented baby lotion is the next item I used with A.
She loves to hold the bottle while I message the lotion into her skin. The lotion is very easy to apply and it doesn't sit on top of the baby's skin for nearly as long as other products we have used. It's just another reason organic products excell. They pure and safe, straight from nature.
Later that week I used the Organic Baby Oil. This product took a little longer to rub in but was entirely worth it. I didn't have to reapply this for more than 2days! My daughter's skin was so soft!!
Here in Alaska, it's like an artic desert. It's very dry here so, inturn, we have to use a lot of lotions. After using the baby oil I didn't have to use any lotions for over a day. I like that it doesn't leave the baby's skin greasy. It's hard enough trying to wrangle a non-slippery toddler. haha
And last but certainly not least, the organic bug repellent. My husband actually uses this! In fact he took it out of state to train with the army in California. He said "It works great"... "certainly does it's job". {Just like a man to be so vague. haha}
I actually can't wait to get more use out of it this spring and summer. If you didn't know: the Alaska state bird is the mosquito!

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You can purchase all of these great products and more by visiting Lafe's Organic's Website HERE.

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